Monday, September 26, 2011

7 Signs in Body Parts Still A Virgin Girl

Well here are a few tips doodles to see a girl that is still sacred. hopefully can be useful, and these are tips for ikhwans who really want to foster home, so do not be misused yes ...


1. A bit of black hair, black eyebrows, black eyelashes, dark eyes.
2. Little white body, white teeth, white hands.
3. Somewhat reddish lips, pink cheeks merahaan, kemerahmerahan gums.
4. Rather was his fist, his chin, medium breasts, sweat smell, fragrant smell of mouth, nose and body.

To be more specific there are 7 marks in Part Body Girls Yang Still Virgin to note include:

1. Forehead
The girl who is still pure, smooth forehead. When intercourse is always slippery lost, just that arise twitch (lines) that sometimes appear sometimes when chatting. Twitch because it was not holy, not the same as face twitches with age. Holy twitch that has been lost, not so ketara and not so visible, except when it face showed some reaction like he was laughing and talking, while the twitch because with age is always visible and lasting. Do not be eliminated by any oil, even though today there were all kinds of oil.

But since the loss of the sanctity of the twitch is not easily removed. To make it easier to see the girl who was holy or not. Consider the forehead with a girl who had been married as yet. Notice really seem inevitable disorder. The girl who was not pure, there are several lines arising twitch and curl didahi girl. Note the really because the lines were not so visible (light).

The girl who is holy or her body has not been touched by man, the tip of his nose reddish color, when touched the tip of his nose appears red. The girl who is not pure red nose but a pale red, sometimes red is not visible, which seems merely pale, do not believe try clay tip of the nose girls, merahkan ..? For men who like to destroy the sanctity of women, striped nose, hence the man masher.

3. EYE
where it comes from love, from the eyes down to the heart .....
We use our eyes to look and see someone, beautiful, fit, flexible, and so on. Sometimes we see a beautiful woman on the outside only, but the inside is up, to find out she was still pure, or does not try to peek at her eyes. When the bottom of the petals folded a bit and there is a sign bruising (a bruise marks) means that the girl was not sacred anymore, maybe have a husband. bruises that show no visible holy sort of black lines under the eyelids disamp? ng black color under the eyelids look a bit wrinkled (twitch). The girl who still sacred eyes beaming, no black, black and striped. When she laughed under her eyelids are not any, like wrinkle (wrinkles), striped, etc.. (Lebamnya eye is not due to lack of sleep: D)

Turned her back through two processes:

1. Back into a big girl because of the hormones.
2. Back into a big girl because boys.

Backs who have reached the touch of man will be great, especially already having intercourse. Holy back girl who is still overweight even though she still looked beautiful, because it is still thick and tense and not lethargic and fell. Try to look at her waist, still slim that her waist and back is not great, not plump and chewy on the back. If the running back did not falter because the meat is still solid and not soft when held, meaning he is still sacred. For those who had sexual intercourse, her back was contained and large but not thick, seems to fall back, the more so when he walks, rocking is not rebound.

Why the back of the girl who had sexual intercourse could fall? While the act of intercourse approximately 90% of hormones are concentrated in the back will miss the pubic, because at the summit (orgasm), the girl's back stiffened.

When finished having intercourse will relax back to its original tense and this causes the back to sag and fall. More often the girl's act of intercourse, will increasingly fall back and lethargic, shallow.

Ear one senses that can be used to determine whether she was still sacred or not. In the land of china's ear as a fortune teller to find out the disease in a person's body. The girl who was never touched by a man, his ears look pretty and clean, if she ever fucked or ears never bitten or kissed and touched, in automatic form the girl's ear will become more shallow and no longer a little reddish and becomes pale. For girls who are still sacred, but never got the touch man, pale ketara not very.

6. FRUIT CHEST (breast)
The role of breasts is a lot, not just teasing lust man alone, but the breasts as evidence that she ever touched or not. Breasts girls who have never got a touch, always tense. But if you've got the touch, it's tense breasts reduced and enlarged slightly from the original size, more often touched, more slack. Notice the girl when walking or running, moving and waving fall (down) and once berbuai means tension is gone. If you have not got the touch, even when running berbuai breasts but not too hammock swinging means the tension is still there.

Putting breasts that never got a touch of a long and terjojol (out) a little from his hiding place. The breasts are always subject to squeeze will become larger, and do not accuse her fruitful breasts squeezed big hit. For, big breasts and a big squeeze taxable natural because it is different.

Breasts that get squeezed into a large but not tense. While big breasts because natural is always tense and not wobble when walking, if the taxable kneading-buai sway swayed like an elephant ear, berbuai left, right, up, down sometimes-inflated stomach when she was walking or running.

Why breasts may fall when hit touch and what is the relationship with the palm of the hand muscles boobs? At the time it is held or breast squeezing girl feel passion, when excited hormones breasts will fill the space so that it becomes taut. Once passionate breasts that strained and relaxed which makes her muscles relax too. Breasts nipples that get sucked into black, who have not got pink nipples suction. Had she not pure, her breasts hanging down like a papaya fruit dangling on trees. On the breasts do contain a thousand question marks, including knowing the woman who already had children or not. Notice if her nipples strained upward facing upward means that the woman had never given birth, if her nipples always terjojol out and facing upward means that the woman had sexual intercourse, but never give birth. But the breast is often regarded as a symbol of sex, most women and men love breasts while having sexsual, because they can reach orgasm (pleasure) just because of breast stimulation.

If a girl has grown up, her breast size is unlikely to change, unless the weight gain. Swollen breasts due to pregnancy, lactation or effect of contraceptive pills is conditional. Good posture will form the breasts appear larger. Try asking, whether he liked her breasts being touched or not? Some women have very sensitive nipples and others do not, they might want to touch her breasts or maybe not. But most women liked the soft touch and a kiss on the breast and the nipple. Breasts and nipples will harden when stimulated. Such signs are most obvious when he is aroused, although not all of them so. Other signs are the lubrication (pelendiran) in the vagina, redness in the chest and increases heart rate and respiratory rate.

Thick-skinned girl and the rough, try to notice the palms of his hands, if fractured (broken veins, vein-like cracks), not because it might be caused not stand washing materials that contain chemical, means the girl has lost her purity. The girl who was holy, his hands smooth and slick. If holiness had disappeared, the palms of his hands when the press is not warnannya pale red, if the push straight back. One way again, look at your right hand, if there is a dotted line means the central part of his holiness has been lost, if not disjointed means that there is not yet lost hope of holiness. after seeing the palm of the right hand, try The mobile hand thumb while only about one minute, if while holding his thumb was warm and red when it is released, there is hope still sacred. Note also his thumb, if at all, although there appears pale warmth is likely to have flown his holiness.

Try to hold the little finger, about one minute, then release, ask how it feels when it is held tightly and released? If he answered no sense, apologize a lot, chances are he did not holy anymore. But if she answered no sense of excitement, heart pounding or throbbing pain as there still seems to be sacred.

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